Last Updated  October 23, 2014
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Ellijay, Georgia
Sally Forest, Chairman
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Located in north Georgia  
about 80 miles north of
Atlanta, in the 9th District    
of Georgia -- one of the
most conservative
Districts in the country.

Population:  28,500
Registered Voters:  14,131
Elected County Officials
who are Republican:  100%

Voter turnout:  74.72%
(11,008 voters)

Voted for Romney:  
(8,920 votes)

             TEAM PERDUE RV TOUR

    The Perdue for Senate team has just
    published its schedule of stops
    around the State in the final days
    before the critical November 4 election.   

    David Perdue and team will stop at the
    Gilmer GOP headquarters on Monday,
    October 27 at 5:30 pm.   We know we can turn out and have a big
    rally to show this is solid conservative country here, and that we will
    and can deliver votes for Perdue.      

    The race is close, but we have the candidate who is a business
    leader, a conservative through and through, and will be one of the
    few Senators who will have private sector business experience.  
    And remember that if this seat is lost to the Democrats, there will be
    no stopping the Harry Reid agenda of bills piling up without action;
    of increasing bureaucratic entanglements and executive orders; of
    disrespect for our military; an increasing debt; and an advancing
    liberal agenda that will consume every one of us in a society where
    your freedoms and rights and opportunities are not as important as
    the "needs" of society in general.   It is about control of the Senate.  
    Having this seat in the Republican column is a MUST.  

    For more details, go to, or the Facebook
    page for David Perdue for Senate.   David Perdue has worked all his
    life in the private sector, but be assured that he has never worked
    harder than he has in this campaign to earn your vote and trust!  

    ALSO ON THE VICTORY RUN FOR 2014 is Governor Nathan Deal and
    a number of state-wide candidates.   The closest visit to Gilmer
    County is probably Union County (Blairsville) also on Monday
    October 27, at 1:30.  There's a LOT going on.   Support these
    candidates.  VOTE.   

    The schedule is here.   


Telephone:  706-889-1284
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